Society for Mobilization Advocacy and Justice (SMAAJ)

Social Mobilization for sustainable development



The People

Society for Mobilization, Advocacy and Justice (SMAAJ) is a non-profit, non-political, non-government development organization dedicated to bring lasting improvements in the quality of life of the poorest communities in Baluchistan. SMAAJ was established as an independent NGO in 2005 and is registered with the Government of Baluchistan, under the Societies Registration Act 1860. Professionals with comprehensive knowledge and understanding about social and sustainable development provide governance and direction to SMAAJ management. SMAAJ has achieved tremendous growth and success since its inception through the dedicated teamwork of its highly motivated, skilled and experienced personnel. SMAAJ's prime work areas are Community Mobilization, Water, & Sanitation, Livelihoods, Health, Education and Emergency relief and preparedness. Several national and international agencies have supported SMAAJ projects on social development and relief activities. SMAAJ also implements projects with relevant line departments of the Government of Baluchistan.

Type of Organization

SMAAJ is rights based organization working in remote rural areas of Baluchistan for socio-economic development of marginalized communities. Some of our strengths are extensive linkages in far flung areas of the province and a volunteer base with expertise in Social Mobilization and water and Sanitation. The organization itself designs, develops and implements projects which relate to its overall mission and programs. As the organization also sometimes involves in the research and advocacy, work depending on the projects being implemented. SMAAJ may also be labeled as support organization as it is very much involved in the formation of groups (local organizations) and building their various capacities through various trainings. SMAAJ’s programmatic areas include social mobilization, sustainable livelihoods, water and sanitation, education, health, micro enterprise, HIV/AIDS, emergency relief & disaster preparedness. SMAAJ is primarily focusing on women, children and youth. Keeping in view the overall socio-cultural fabric of the society and the overall power imbalances that exist at all levels; the focus, amongst these groups, is again on the marginalized ones. The organization strives to achieve its mission through the use of key strategies which include the fair participation and involvement of all stakeholders; advocacy, sensitization and capacity enhancement for addressing key concerns and the social mobilization. In addition to the core programs, the organization has three cross-cutting themes which are the fundamental part of all core programs of SMAAJ. These include gender equity, justice and advocacy in program areas.


The organization envisions ‘an enlightened society, where people have choices to exercise and enjoy rights and access to services without discrimination, a society where people will have freedom and dignity as well as respect for others and the environment.


The mission of SMAAJ is to mobilize and support and to develop the capacities of the disadvantaged and most vulnerable people of the society, to bring positive and sustainable changes in their lives by minimizing the contributing factors towards poverty cialis 20mg and vulnerability. 

Focus Groups


SMAAJ works for the following people:

SMAAJ understands that disadvantaged people have a great deal of potential and the willingness to work for their own development. SMAAJ's role in poverty alleviation and community development is primarily to encourage self help and, in the long term, to guide the disadvantaged into becoming mature and self-reliant institutions. This is the route to community empowerment, which must arise organically from the traditional committees themselves. SMAAJ acknowledges that unless the concept of 'gender' is understood and mainstreamed into every aspect of the organization and the programme, the kind of development, poverty alleviation and community empowerment that it wishes to attain will not be possible. This must be done in culturally appropriate ways: the skill lies in finding the ways to do this while upholding the principle of equality.

  • Women and children affected by violence and abuse

  • Socio-culturally vulnerable people  (women, youth, children)

  • Minority groups facing discrimination and ignorance

  • People affected by natural and man-made disasters

  • Poor and less developed / marginalized communities


Values & Guiding Principles


Core Values:


  • Human dignity

  • Service beyond self

  • Benefits primarily to extremely poor people

  • Respect for the environment

  • People centred approach

  • Transparency

  • Personal responsibility

  • Rapid responses to emergencies

  • Collaboration

  • Participation by extremely poor people in the making of decisions which affect them

  • Respect for people and the promotion of equality

  • Respect for human rights




In order to achieve its mission and to make its programs even more people-centered; SMAAJ follows certain guiding principles in all its interventions and dealings; these include:

  • Transparency in all dealings and matters; accountability to everyone for everything concerned; and fairness and justice in all the matters and dealings at all levels.

  • True and genuine participation of all those for whom the interventions are meant and those who share direct or indirect links with the programs and interventions.

  • Respect, love and care for nature, for all religions, for cultures and for all humans of all ages; regardless of their backgrounds, sex, affiliations and capabilities.