Society for Mobilization Advocacy and Justice (SMAAJ)

Social Mobilization for sustainable development

Support Committees

Support Committees are an integral part of SMAAJ structure. These are role-specific committees which extend their services to ensure the availability of independent, relevant and timely support in different working disciplines of RWF. The members of these committees are selected by the Executive Director by the cialis prix formal notification. The Chairpersons of all the Support Committees report to the Executive Director.


These committees mainly comprise of RWF staff members and are led by its chairpersons.


Following are the Details of Support Committees at RWF:



Senior Management Committee



Program Management Committee



Harassment Protection Committee



Conflict Management Committee



Gender Committee



Procurement Committee



Security Committee



 1) Senior Management Committee (SMC)
Senior Management Committee (SMC) is one the major and most important committee within SMAAJ working structure. The main purpose of SMC is to enhance overall organizational credibility, linkages and sustainability and ensure that SMAAJ has effective quality controls, means to enhance accountability and transparency within SMAAJ business across the board and has in place an effective interdepartmental coordination and progress review mechanisms.



Senior Program Staff


2) Program Management Committee (PMC)
Program Management Committee (PMC) is an important structure as for as SMAAJ overall program interventions are concerned. The main purpose of PMC is ensure 1) program quality, 2) beneficiary satisfaction and 3) overall credibility of SMAAJ programs. The PMC is responsible to develop program review mechanisms, review program, identify quality and compliance gaps and take measures by developing relevant systems, procedures and policies to address the same.


3) Harassment Protection Committee (HPC)
The main purpose of HPC is to ensure that women employees of SMAAJ are fully protected against any form of sexual harassment at work place. The HPC is responsible to conduct fair, quick and transparent investigations of sexual harassment cases when reported within SMAAJ.


4) Conflict Management Committee (CMC)
Conflict Management Committee (CMC) is an important committee extending support to manage minor and major conflicts within SMAAJ. The main purpose of CMC is to very neutrally mediate any internal and external conflicts with and within SMAAJ.


5) Procurement Committee (PC)
The main purpose of PC is to involve and approve the procurement of goods and services within SMAAJ. The PC has been formed as the compliance to the Procurement Policy of SMAAJ which requires the formation of Procurement Committee.